Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Minor Basilica,

Box 4; Navrongo, Tel (+233) 03821-22161

Rector: Fr. Kapochina Paul,
Mobile: 024-4227697/020-8387237

Rev. Fr. Akabote Charles 024-4041819

Rev. Fr. Ayamba Peter 024-5785717/0200965952

Rev. Fr. Anaba L.

Rev. Fr. Kazaresam Augustine (In Residence)

  1. Fr. Atadana Joseph

    The correct spelling is ATADANA and not Atandana. Thank you for making the correction

  2. Good site. May be, Norte may be spelt NOTRE

  3. viel GLück weiter Bistum Navrongo Bolgatanga wünsche wir Alle und auch

  4. Marielies Sandmann

    Hi Father Paul
    Congratulation to your new task in such a big Parish.
    All the best

  5. Last year, around this time, Navrongo experienced a mystery which attracted over thousand people from all works of life across the country and nearby countries. It is what I on purpose call ‘supposed apparition of Mother Mary’. What has become of this mystery and the messages that came with it? What about the history of the catholic? The rich museum and human resource will help you know all that you need to know about the Bethlehem of the North. 0206689378.


    hmmmmmmm history about my faith really interests me to read.

  7. Wir wünschen Bischof Alfred , Mitpriester und Team ein gesegnetes und schönes Weihnachtsfest 2016 und für dass Neue Jahr 2017
    Gottes Segen , Gesundheit , Frieden und Glück , Familie Obermeyer , Sr. Clara und dazu .

    Im Gebet verbunden . Liebe Grüsse from Germany .

  8. sr.clara Obermeyer germany

    Gruss an Father Samuel and Bischof Alfred , liebe grüsse from Germany von Thomas Bruder und Sister Clara ,
    Hier liegt viel Schnee , Thomas freut sich über die Mail von Father Samuel Thanks , !!!!!!!!!!

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