(erected on 30th May 1977)

Patroness: Our Lady of Seven Sorrows

Bishop: Most Rev. Alfred AGYENTA SSL, STD, DD.
Tel. 03820-23141 (Office) 03820-22273 (House) E-mail:, ;

Predecessors:  Most Rev. Lucas ABADAMLOORA, Most Rev. Oscar MORIN, Most Rev. Gerard BERTRAND and
Most Rev. Rudolph AKANLU

Vicar General:  Very Rev. Gabriel A. Atidoo, Box 351, Bolgatanga,  Tel. 03820-23141

Acting Financial Administrator:  V. Rev. Fr. Moses AKEBULE, Box 351, Bolgatanga, Tel: 03820-23103 (Office), 03820-23444 (Res.), Fax 03820-23103

The Deans
Navrongo Deanery: Fr. Paul Kapchina
Bolga Deanery: Very Rev. James Thachuah
Bawku Deanery: Fr. Robert Laari

The Priests Senate
Elected Members: Frs. R. Laari, D. Murtalla, M. Yaboah, F. Hammond, P. Kapochina, J. Atadana, V. Alnaa, D. Azambawu
Substitutes: Frs. Yosef Giday (Bawku Deanery); Sylvanus Ayoubire (Bolga Deanery), Augustine Abasi (Navrongo Deanery)
Schools: Fr. Augustine Bobi
S V S: Fr. Samuel Atinga
Ex-officio: Frs. Fr. Kodelogo; G. Atidoo. Fin Administrator
Appointees: Msgr. J. Tachuah, Fr. M. Akebule.
Senate Executive Officers: Frs. J. Atadana (Chairman), V. Alna (Secretary), Fin. Administrator (Treasurer).

Pontifical Mission Societies, Director:  V. Rev. Fr. Clement K. BEERI

Diocesan Accountant: Sr. Robina DERY SMI, Box 351, Bolgatanga, Tel.: 03820-23103 (Office), (Res.) 03820-23936

Diocesan Development Office: Rev. Fr. , Box 351, Bolgatanga, Tel. 03820-23263

Bishop’s Secretary: Sr. Rose Dakurah SMI, P.O. Box 351, Bolgatanga,
Tel.: Office 03820-23141, Res: 03820-23936

College of Consultors:
Bishop: Most Rev. Alfred Agyenta SSL, STD< DD.

Msgr. J. Tachuah, Msgr. C. Sarko, Msgr. T. Anamooh, Frs. R. Laari, F. Hammond, G. Atidoo, M. Akebule, F. Kodelogo, Fin. Administrator.

The Diocesan Pastoral Council:

1. The Bishop; 2. Vicar General; 3. Fr. Moses Akebule; 4. Fr. Paul Kapochina; 5. Fr. Joseph Ayinpuusa; 6. Fr. Yesof Giday; 7. Fr. Emmanuel Acheampong; 8. Fr. Lawrence Azure; 9. Fr. Solomon Yinwaat; 10. Fr. Clement Beeri; 11. Fr. Lawrence K. George; 12. Sr. Mathilda Amoah; 13. Mr. Alfred Afulani; 14. Mr. Joe Ayembilla; 15. Mr. Kubabon John; 16. Mr. Akudago Dominic; 17. Mr. Avonah Oscar; 18. Mrs Cecilia Asobayeri; 19. Mr. Linus Anasah; 20. Mr. Roland Nyaabu; 21. Mr. Simon Azaa

  1. Fr.Lazarus Anondee

    Information on administration needs to be updated.

  2. Fr. Moses Akebule

    Yes, it will really be good to update your records so as to reflect the present situation.

  3. Fr. Roland A. R. Adombire

    The last person to comment on the updating of this page was on 15th May. Please could you do us a favour by contacting the right people for the updates. Believe it or not many people have been reading this web. thanks for your attention.

  4. I am making a comment on May 29th 2013. It is disappointing to visit the diocesan website only to find absolutely no news. We have to change the way we do things in order to keep in touch, both clergy and the laity. Since you the clergy know what is preventing us from updating the website please make your constraints available to us.

    There was a news item some years back about the launching of a diocesan stratergic plan. I read the caption and was impressed only to find no mention about the the actual contents of the plan. Not even a summary of the stratergic plan was available very disappointing.

    I think we can do better.

  5. Clement Minyila

    This is the first time I am visiting the Diocesan Website. I am really excited about the bold initiative. Kudos to the Bishop and his team. The design is very impressive. I understand the difficulties in updating the site as this may require a full time person to do so. Same for the news! I believe with time there will be more photos added to the site. Meanwhile, can we have the diocesan logo, I guest the Bishop’s coat of arms tagged somewhere on the site!!

    Kudos once again!

  6. Gott ist die Liebe und In Ghana wünsche ich weiter gute geistliche Begegnungen ,

    Gruss aus Germany auch von

  7. I have just been told about this site and I am so glad to find the names of my spiritual Fathers as well as where they work. I however, think more could be done to keep those of us away from home abreast with developments at home so that we could also contribute our widow’s mite. More grease to your elbows.

  8. Good to have a web site. I do visit the site but what use is it to clear and plough a land and wouldn’t constantly tend to it for the meaning harvest.

    I personally would be more than ready to take up the job of updates to site with a little training on the matter with no much worry of payments for the job.

    However, let us know the challenges of updating the site so we can help.

  9. Sr. Maria Precious Juliet Kolog

    Hi dear Diocese. I’m happy to read from the web site of the Diocese. How are u alal? We are not in the Diocese so would like to hear and read. post news for us. I miss all of all. See you next year.

  10. Augustine Apoore

    Kudos to our Bishop and the hard working team for the wonderful work. I am proud for the update of our diocesan website. Keep it up, support will always be channel when necessary.
    God bless.

  11. I am glad that there is a website like this forr the diocese.

  12. I just chanced on this website while looking for something else. It looks great. Unfortunately there is not much in here. I am sure a lot has happened in the last few years. For instance the creation of new parishes across the diocese would have been breaking news!! I am sure there are some young people around who would willingly volunteer to update the site if given the chance.


    I love reading this

  14. Aditorem Isaac

    Happy reading this.

  15. Greetings to My Lord Bishop and the Priests in the Diocese of Navrongo Bolgatanga . I take this advantage to ask some few questions that are worrying me. Why was the Catholic Regional Education Office moved to Bolgatanga?And why the agenda to moved CEDEC and NABINA Fm station to Bolgatanga?
    What have the people of Navoro did to the Bishop Most Rev Alfred Agyenta? It is very sad and unchristian to treat us like this and the people of Navoro would have nothing to say than leave everything to your conscious .How can a major thing of moving the Regional catholic education office to Bolga and that the Bishop I not aware of it. Any way as the father and spiritual leader of the diocese kindly reverse it in your own interest and in the interest of the church and stop all attempts to move CEDEC and Nabina to Bolgatanga as we are aware.

  16. Felix Engsalige Nyaaba

    There is the need to engage permanent ICT staff to handle this website. Current news about Diocese is important to our faith as fresh vegetable are important to our health. The Vicar General and his lieutenants should brainstorm on this.we are in era of IT where information is vital as paracetamol.

    • dear Felix, we appreciate the concerns raised by you and wish to assure you that we will deal with them effectively. please feel free to contact us at any time to render your expertise and services. thank you.

      *Catholic Bishop’s Secretariat* *P.O. Box 351, Bolgatanga* *GHANA, West Africa*

      On Sun, Jan 14, 2018 at 12:37 AM, Catholic Diocese Navrongo-Bolgatanga wrote:


  17. Felox Kaguah

    Its been very nice and heart touching reading this, however I find the information on here Not accurate since some priest have been re-posted and others called to glory.

    I will suggested the Secretary to the bishops be the in charge for the immediate up date and if work load is heavy a part time Secretary is appointed for updates as and when needed.


  18. Patrick Nicholas

    Not even the name of the Cathedral, available?

  19. I just got in here to get some information and i realised this data is not updated. Sure the person in charge of IT at the Administration will do that sooner.

    • I am very happy today, haven discovered this site to this morning. It contains vital historical information that many more Parishners accross the Diocese need to know.

      Not until today that I saw the correct spelling, many of us used to pronounce Fr. ‘Bertrand’s name as “BARATIN”, so I am very much enlightened today.
      I have also known the very key arm’s of the Bishop’s secretaits as well as the past officers.
      The site is however, not being updated as expected because of so may gaps.
      It is my hope and believe that the next time I visit it, the ommited data would have been uploaded.

      Kudos the the authorities and webmasters/administrator.

  20. Godslove Boachie Agyeman

    Hello good morning please I’m a midwife (worked for 6 yrs)at St. Martin’s De Porres hospital -Agormanya and need transfer to St. Martin’s clinic -Biu ,because my husband is a Reverend minister of the Church of Pentecost and has been transferred to Navrongo hence the need for the urgent transfer . Hoping to hear from you soon.Thank you.

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