St. Paul’s Parish,
Box 7, Walewale

Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Akapata I.

Rev. Fr. Achaa J. (HM St. Paul SHS)

Rev. Fr. Wugaa Wugaa; 020-8673908 wugaabu@yahoo.com

Rev. Fr. Kantongi Kantongi (Nalerigu SHS); 024-6838681/026-2838681 kantongijohn@yahoo.com

1. Wulugu
2. Kpesukpe
3. Guabulige
4. Nadia
5. Langbisi
6. Dungu
7. Nebare
8. Nalevigu
9. Gambaga
10. Sakogu
11. Duu
12. Karimenge
13. Yaman

  1. Clement Onmeba

    In the spirit of the Church I wish to draw the attention of Management of the Walewale Parish and the Navrongo Bolgatanga Diocese that names of 5 of the out/sub-stations in Walewale Parish have not been correctly spelt. As a concerned parishioner, I am urging the authorities to effect the necessary corrections. May the good Lord keep and guide our church, AMEN!

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