News & Events

-29th December 2012 – Silver Jubilee of Fr. Sebastian, Bongo

-26th January 2013 – Diocesan Finance Council Meeting

-6th to 1th February 2013 – Marian Devotion, at SRC Kongo

  1. Marielies Sandmann

    We would like to read more and current and latest news and events from our partnership diocese in Ghana.
    Marielies from M√ľnster-Hiltrup


    Our site is still out of date. We’ve appealed severally. Sometimes we rush to the side for information such as growth trends, projects completed and on-going, the bishop’s communication or interactions with parishes, how these parishes are doing, etc but realises that the site is out of date with issues. who’s the website administrator? the fellow should do something about our consistent concerns.

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