St. Francis Xavier,

C/o Box 20, Navrongo

Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Beeri Clement; 024-2130404 ckbeeri66@yahoo.com

Rev. Fr. Ayamga McHenry 020-9813638/026-9505887; ayamgaateeriba@yahoo.co.uk

  1. Thank you Fr. for this good work. Our diocese has been one without true and correct updated information. This work will put our diocese and communities in a better information package and easy networking. For your update, we are four priests: Fr. Clement Beeri (PP); Fr. Isaac Akapata (AS); Fr. Roland Adombire (AS) & Fr. McHenry Ayamga (AS).
    Thank you and God bless you.

  2. CURRENTLY THEY ARE ONLY 2;THUS Frs clement Beeri (pp) & Machenry Ayamga (AS)

  3. Achaab Matthew

    The two Priest are not still enough. One in Christ The King Rectorate, Sandema. Even though, we are much aware of the challenge of numbers of Priests as per the harvest, some of us think thorough distribution of Priest may help. Wiaga Parish certainly would need two more Priests, one for Wiaga and the other for Sandema. Lets also pray for those Seminarians yet in formation that the Almighty God grant their bold and brave response to the call to Priesthood while we ask for similar grace for those discerning along the priestly life.

  4. Thanks so much for an updated website now. I hope we can be sure of the latest in terms of information.

    Consistency on updates is what I would ask. Are we asured of a consistent update of our website?

    God bless this Diocese and the Church at large.

  5. Please, kindly update our site. Currently, in my parish there has been changes even though you are suppose to privy to the information that we have a new Parish Priest in the person Rev Fr. George Asigre who is a little bit over two months in the Parish. He is assisted by Rev Fr. Richard Abingya

  6. I am sorry not to indicate the Parish I am coming from. Its St. Francis Xavier Parish – Wiaga. It is important to plead that it is this website that we can rely on for current information wherever we are and even to access other relevant documents regarding our Diocese and Parishes. Thank you.

    • hello MATHEW, we have taken notice of your concern the the corrections have been effected. Thanks for helping us with your suggestions. LINUS

      *Catholic Bishop’s Secretariat* *P.O. Box 351, Bolgatanga* *GHANA, West Africa*

      On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 2:48 PM, Catholic Diocese Navrongo-Bolgatanga wrote:


  7. Please! kindly update our Parish for us. We have two new Priests in the Parish, Rev Fr. George Asigri as Parish Priest and Rev Fr. Richard A. Abingya as Curate. It is also important to add that, the Out-Stations are now six from the earlier number of 5. The new Out Station is Zamsa.

    Kindly do this update to help every person who visits the site. We have been appealing and supplying information about our individual parishes severally about updates but it appears we have no website manager for the site. Whatever information we supply can be verified at the Diocesan Administration since access to information of such from that outfit can’t be a major challenge to whoever is the administrator. Thank you.

  8. The address is; St. Francis Xavier Parish, Post office box 20, Wiaga, Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese. If you’re outside the country, you should add; Upper East Region, Ghana – West Africa. Thanks Mary, for your interest.

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