St. Antony of Padua Parish

Post Box 37, Bawku

Tel 03822-22637

Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Laari Robert; 020-1721296

Fr. Joseph Tabase; 020-9384565/024-6920804

Rev. Fr. Zure Samuel 0502198326

1. Zwase
2. Bazua
3. Gumakutan
4. Binduri
5. Zabugu
6. Kuka
7. Pusiga
8. Nafkoliga
9. Misiga
10. Gbilmbisi
11. Kukparigu
12. Atuba

  1. Michael Grindel

    Please forward to: Rev. Fr. Laari Robert

    Dear Robert,

    it seems that you didn’t receive our mails sent to and even the letter we sent to you at easter (to bishop’s-secretariat).

    I tried to reach you by phone calling 00233 20 172 12 96
    Is this the correct telephone number?

    If not, please sent your telephone number to my email adress and a timepoint where we can reach you..

    We think of and pray for you.

    Your family from Herdorf
    Michael Grindel

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