St. Anne’s Parish, Bongo 0244162429 Box 5, Bongo

Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Yaboah Moses 024-4162429

Rev. Fr. Atarah Jonas 0200740198

Rev. Fr. Clement Ajongba, 020-4066608,


1. Boko
2. Alolkolovifi
3. Zorko
4. Dalooya
5. Gawbdngo
6. Nayonigo
7. Kadare
8. Apadanga
9. Gowvie
10. Veea
11. Nyariga
12. Dua
13. Feo
14. Beo
15. Aamanga
16. Belungo
17. Lungo
18. Gurigo
19. Apurougo
20. Soe
21. Namoo

  1. Fr. John Azure Aserbire

    Nice to visit this site. Keep it up.

  2. Atindaana Cletus

    Thank you very much for the good deal of information provided on this site. May the Lord bless your work and keep you !

  3. Abelinyenga Patrick

    Good evening fellow parishners. We need to update our website.

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