Navrongo Deanery

Dean: Rev Fr. Kapochina Paul

MINOR BASILICA: Fr Kapochina P. (Rector), Fr Akabote C., Fr Ayamga P., Fr Anaba L. Fr Kazaresam A. (ln Residence)
ST FRANCIS XAVIER: Fr BeeriC., (PP), Fr Ayamga McH.
CHRIST’IHE KING (Sandema): F-r Aduko S. (PP), Fr Adagyine F.
CHRIS’t ‘fHE KING:(Chiana): Fr Akolgo R.(PP), Fr Abotezabire R.
ST THERESA: (Paga): Fr Kudewura D. (PP)
SS. PETER AND PAUL: Fr Anovunga J.(PP)
MARTYRS OF UGANDA: Fr Moldana J” (PP), Fr Ayoubire S.

NAVRONGO: Our Lady of Seven Sorrow Minor Basilica

WIAGA: St. Francis Xavier

SIRIGU: Martyrs of Uganda

CHIANA: Christ the King

FUSBISI: Sts. Peter & Paul

  1. Why no details of office holders and other details of the parishes.

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